Etsy Shop Local : Turkey by Toosis

The Etsy blog's Shop Local series usually tickles my travel bug, but in this edition, Turkey by Etsy seller Toosis, has my jaw dropping on my computer keyboard. Such beautiful photos and talented artists!

My name is Pınar Sondal, aka Toosis. I am an architect and a jewelry designer living in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful, exotic and cosmopolitan cities to live in. Istanbul is a city of two continents; Asia and Europe divided by the water way of Bosphorus. Its shores offer a delightful mixture of past and present, grand splendor and simple beauty. Modern hotels stand next to shore front wooden villas, marble palaces, rustic stone fortresses and neighbor small fishing villages. I live in the Europe side of the city. The Asian part is just across the Bosphorus Bridge.

The above picture was taken in a park very close to my house. I walk here with my kids and get mused before starting a project, enjoying the view while they play. I use silver and gold in my designs, creating big rings and earrings. I show my line of jewelry in local haute couture boutiques. Since I discovered Etsy and started sharing my taste in design with the rest of the world, I feel blessed. A performer needs to hear the applause to feel appreciated. Now I get my inspiration required out of my international customers' Etsy feedback.

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